Thursday, September 22, 2016


The Minister of State for Relief and Disaster Preparedness Hon. Ecweru Musa Francis has warned the youth in the Rwenzori region to never again implement things they do not understand, avoid being used by the elders who are the authors of the conflicts because your seen as energetic, poor and uneducated. 

Peace Activists   matching for peace
“It is unfortunate that we use our beautiful geographical location, topography and cultures to cause chaos instead of using it for peace and unity. Rwenzori is our home, you have no other home. That is where GOD placed you and no one can undo what GOD put in place”.Ecweru said.
Hon.Ecweru addressing the people

Hon. Ecweru spoke this while officiating at the international peace day in Bundibugyo on the 21stSeptember, 2016 under the theme: "Sustainable Development Goals- Building blocks for peace". 
He condemned all acts of violence and confusion in the region and asked people to reconcile and never to do it again.
minster visits RWECO stall

Key officials present at the function were: Bundibugyo District woman MP, the UNDP representative in Uganda, RDC Bundibugyo Mr. Mucunguzi, RDC Kyegewa Mrs. Nyakwera,  District Chairperson Mr. Mutegeki, Prime ministers of Cultural institutions- Obudhigiya Bwa Bwamba and Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu, religious leaders and CSO leaders and members . 
Religious leaders present

The leaders called  upon people to be role models in the communities and be promoters of peace; urged people to be transparent if peace is to prevail; warned people to stop concentrating on useless baseless things that are underdevelopment and thanked the security team, some CSOs : International Alert, RIC-NET, RWECO, RFPJ, KRC, UJCC and the media fraternity that has worked so hard in to sensitize communities on peaceful coexistence and restore peace in Bundibugyo and the region as a whole.
RWECO,RIC-NET,RIDE Africa and partner CBOs at the international day of peace
The International Day of Peace, unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed annually on 21 September. It is dedicated to specifically to the absence of war and violence, it might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat zone for humanitarian aid access. The day was first celebrated in 1982, and is kept by many nations, political groups, military groups, and people.
To observe the day, Uganda celebrated this day from Bundibugyo district in the western part of the country as a signal to the of the area that peace is a complete necessity not a need, to also serve as a warning to those culprits who work to stabilize the peace in the area and so show the natives that a peaceful co-existence is the only way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals to which the world is standing to achieve.
Burning of the guns as a symbol for peace.

Friday, September 16, 2016


RDC talking to the people about conflict management
“Uganda is our country and Rwenzori is for all of us. We all need each other; we should not allow anyone to destabilize the peace, harmony and unity we have built together for years.” Mr.Rwabuhinga Richrad
, Chair Person Kabarole District; while addressing the community of  Bukara parish,Kabonero sub county following the violent clashes between police and residents  on 14th Sept.2016 that left 6 people dead and several others seriously injured. 
The security meeting attended by  the Minister for Gender Ms.Peace Mutuzza, the District Chair person Kabarole Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard, the RDC Mr.Asiimwe Stephen , Deputy RDC Mrs. Rose Mande,   the DISO, Sub County leaders, NGOs and local residents was held on 15th Sept at 3. pm to sensitize the community to become law abiding and resolve conflicts peaceful. 

Hon.Minister Peace, RDC and LCV  addressing the people
 Residents of the area attributed the unfortunate clash between the police and the citizens having a root cause in the unresolved alleged rape case a couple of days ago when David (a mutooro by tribe) allegedly raped the wife of Mr. Moris (a mukozo by tribe). on responding to the woman's alarm, the residents rushed to the scene, arrested and seriously assaulted David the suspect before transferring him to Kisomoro police post where the case was not properly handled.

On 13th Sept,after David paying a fine levied at the police, he  reported a case of assault against the some residents of Bukara including Moris the husband to the woman he alleged raped. 
The crime preventers and later the police from Kibito Police station attempting to arrest these suspects that allegedly assaulted the suspected rapists  angered the local community and they responding with violence to the crime preventers and later on to the policeThe local  youth armed with knives, pangas and stornes ganged up against police leaving two police men and four civilians dead and many others with permanent injuries.
RIC-NET staff working on conflict resolution were at the scene
This mob actions is a security threat to rule of law and justice and hence the local residents were asked to preserve peace and harmony in the area, stop taking the law in their hands,(mob Justice) but remain vigilant about the security in their area. The leaders gave condolence messages  and  sympathized with the families of the The tension and fear of revenge  has left over 300 people displaced to the neighboring areas of Kasangali- Bwesumbu Sub-county- Kasese District, Nyarugongo C.O.U and Nyarungongo Catholic Church in Katebwa Sub-county-Kabarole District. The leaders asked the Resident to come back home and assured the people of security.

Monday, September 12, 2016


divergent views/ideology cause conflicts
Truth and justice are the key drivers for peaceful co-existence among the communities in bundibugyo District. This was mentioned by the Ms Jane Kacura a member from Bundikeke Village of Kirumya Sub County during the training of more Foot Peace Ambassadors (FPAs). The training was conducted in the sub counties of Bubukwanga, Kirumya and Ngamba on the 7th, 8th and 9th September respectively in bundibugyo District.

The objective of the training was to equip members from the community with knowledge and skills to understand conflicts, cause and actor analysis and develop community led actions that can help to prevent and manage conflicts and human rights violations in the community. 
some of the FPAs of Ngamba sub county
Some of the identified community actions were; isolating leaders and elders who agitate for segregation and violence, form clusters of 10 households in every village where peaceful information can be shared regularly, guide and educate elders and youth to understand their roles and responsibilities in social economic building, and ensure that community members critically examine the information given.

Sometimes the community acts out of ignorance.To achieve these FPAs agreed to be agents of Truth, Justice, Mercy and Peace in the communities where they hail from. In doing this “we shall ensure to give the community the right information from their right sources”. The sources of information were identified as the information departments of the cultural institutions and information officer at the district.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


“It is parental responsibility to expose children’s suspicious activity and turn them over to authorities, or defend and protect them at all costs? Most important, are the things parents can and should do to avoid this dangerous trajectory, whether in stormy times or everyday life. Children are among the most vulnerable members of society. The law of the state protects children until they are deemed to be able to interact in society as adults. For this reason children are treated differently from adults by the criminal justice system.” Said Mr.Mukokoma Paul CDO Kitholhu Sub-County who was facilitating at the local council leaders dialogue meeting on the prevention of violence against children held at Kitholhu Sub-County headquarters. He added saying, children are commonly used to symbolize innocence in the society today. But there’s an exception to every rule, and when you’re talking about weird and random acts of violence, you’re talking about these kids. Even under normal circumstances, most teens push boundaries. They talk back, break curfew, lie and sometimes cheat and steal as they navigate their way into adulthood. But these behaviors are a far cry from the serious juvenile crimes that concern some parents’ guidance to correct them. 

This meeting followed one held at Karambi Sub-County on 5thSept.2016 to bring local council leaders on board to prevent violence against children in Kasese district and also bring to their knowledge the statistical status of the cases of violence against in each village with the two Sub-Counties. Among other people who attended the duo meetings were; the local council one, two and three chairpersons, Sub-county speakers, parish chiefs, Sub-County chairperson of people with disabilities, probation officer, CDO and the police.
During his speech, Mr. Bwambale Geofrey the O/C CID Karambi mentioned that children above the age of 12 years are responsible for their own crimes though children criminals are handled with extra care and gentleness such as use of a simple language and teaching them of their rights and responsibilities, not being mixed with the elders while in the cells, should be taken for medical examination. He further said that Kasese as a district has no police doctor thus most victims are referred to fort portal for examination among others. He further talked about children rights violations like rape, defilement and child sex.  He warned against parents who intervene in the crimes committed by their children. He also warned those who tie children since it is against the law. He conclusively asked the leaders present to learn good referral mechanisms for justice to prevail in the area and asked leaders to identify children criminals and correct them if they are to have a violent free community against children.